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Photos courtesy Sculpturales

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Stem cell

Verbeke Foundation,

Kemzeke, BE


“Stem cell” is commissioned by

“Come up for cancer” - “Kom op tegen kanker” - and is exhibited at the Verbeke Foundation in Antwerp.

All life forms on earth fight in an incredibly similar way against illnesses. However, the way that humanity and nature react to the​healing process can have no greater contrast.

Humans study, research, and develop new perspectives for diagnosis and treatment. Animal research is of vital importance in this process.

The self - healing process within the natural ( plant ) world, however, comes from a very different source. Nature heals itself.

The natural installation " STEM CELL" is a living bio-sculpture in symbiosis with a single plant species : the willow.

Upon entering the sculpture it is clearly visible how the Stem Cells develop into root cells, leaf cells, and stem cells.

"New life penetrates into a body of Nature" : Will Beckers.