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Dendermonde, BE


In Wastijne park in Dendermonde, Beckers has created a natural installation Refugio, in a secluded spot on a natural hill. It is bordered with three cocoons woven from willow branches. In these nest forms Beckers has planted willow and alder tree varieties,  creating a kind of living environment: a symbolic place of refuge.

This environmental artwork with a conceptual link to Land Art, highlights the relationship between human beings and their way of life.

Beckers: “ Exploring the development of cities worldwide in particular the impact on their environments in relationship with us as human beings”.

The project is not only in symbiosis with the environment but also interacts directly with the local residents. A social interactive process, highlighting the humanitarian characteristics which man has developed as an individual.

Wandering around like nomads we are always investigating our World, looking for the ideal living environment, a "Refugio". Using natural materials that we are familiar with and that are available to us, generation upon generation we have been building architectural wonders. No single being is as diverse in creating their environment as man. 

Within our current integration of different cultures in our own environment a house, a home, a shelter, a "Refugio" is essential to the quality of life of us all.

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