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The "Reborn"  Exhibition in Borgloon was part of the "Bloesemimpressies" 2010.

The Jewish- Dutch philosopher Spinosa (17thcentury) spoke about Natura Naturans as being "Nature's own process ", Nature which constantly is reborn and continues to exist, which creates and recreates, a mystery of self generation.

Literally : “What is born, is reborn.”

"In this installation as a natural sculptor and artist,  I am searching for the connection between new life which evolves from the process of death. The transiency of our nature, the transfer of energy and nutrition provide a metamorphose in the evolution process.", explains Beckers.

will beckers reborn 01
will beckers reborn 02
will beckers reborn 03
will beckers reborn 04
will beckers reborn 05
will beckers reborn 06

Photos courtesy Lemmert photography and Sculpturales

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