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Re-Cover is an innovative and ambitious environmental growing project made with rescued willow trees which have been replanted on site.  The bio-sculptures will change and grow as the natural boundaries of the structure develop. This project challenges the traditional relationships between ourselves and our environment, and confronts the trees with their own materials.

It shows us how biodiversity can work in a very unique way, in a single plant species, the Salix, by bringing together two different art works, and merging them into one living, growing cradle to cradle installation.

The trees which are between 80-90 years old, were earmarked for destruction, they were to be uprooted and destroyed. Beckers saw the potential in them and wanted to give them a new lease of life, together with Geert Verbeke from the Verbeke Foundation, a project was born to rescue the trees and replant them in the vast grounds of the Verbeke foundation itself.

Will Beckers has given the old-timers a unique opportunity at survival and revival, re-shaping their destiny, re-covering them in the very  Salix cuttings which they themselves produce and hereby creating a unique environmental bio-diverse growing installation. The trees are slowly being connected together ensuring a very special life force runs through and around them, re-covering them with life and renewed strength. The project is a work in progress and will take several years to grow to its full potential.

will beckers re-cover 01
will beckers re-cover 02
will beckers re-cover 03
will beckers re-cover 04
will beckers re-cover 05
will beckers re-cover 06
will beckers re-cover 07

Photos courtesy Sculpturales

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