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Natural Heritage - Unesco World Heritage

Kinderdijk, Holland


Presentation of a design for a unique architectural "icon" as part of an international competition for a new visitor's centre at Kinderdijk- Unesco World Heritage site in Holland.  

Out of 132 entries from international architectural offices, our "Cradle to Cradle concept for Kinderdijk" made it into the three finalists. 

Together with the two architectural offices ; Jurgen van der Ploeg (FARO architectuur/research) and Berno Strootman (Strootman Landschapsarchitecten), we designed an "Icon" in architecture, according to the jury, and so conceptually brought Natural architecture a step closer to reality. 

Will Beckers; "The philosophy was to create a unique architectural statement by bringing together a pure glass building and enriching 

it with a living natural "skin" of willow, using the biodiversity of the site specific materials. The concept also involves the visitors in social interaction with our intangible heritage in this historic windmill location."

Many thanks to the whole team for this iconic project:

  1. Jurgen van der Ploeg - team Faro architectuur, 

  2. Berno Strootman - team Strootman Landschapsarchitecten,

  3.  Atto Harsta - Aldus


  1. Dirk Koot - Wateco,

  2. Willem Böttger - NPSP, 

  3. Harm Valk - Nieman Raadgevend Ingenieurs, 

  4. Jasper Westerveld en Janet van Essen - Podium,  

  5. Will Beckers - Sculpturales.


will beckers Kinderdijk Natural Architecture 02
will beckers Kinderdijk Natural Architecture 03

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