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Land-Shape, Denmark


The natural artwork - “Duality”, can conceptually be seen as

showing the fragments of a tree in a minimalistic and impressionistic way, representing the movement of a growing tree. It is a metaphor for Life, seen as a growing process.

The “Duality” of the Artwork is clearly represented : Life mirroring death and innocence mirroring artificiality.

The work can be interpreted on another level when we consider that the whole installation is based round manipulating Nature. A sort of protest against the way people treat Nature.

At first glance it looks like a mirror image, on closer inspection the visitor can see that one of the installations is actually made up of segments of logs of a tree connected together, the tree appears to be growing upwards in a natural manner.

The permanent Landmark is part of an exhibition for Land-Shape, an expo in Jutland, Denmark.


will beckers duality 01
will beckers duality 02
will beckers duality 03
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will beckers duality 05
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