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Beeldenstroom is a Belgium biennale Land Art project of the Scheldeboorden region with four participating councils;  Wetteren, Wichelen, Laarne and Berlare.

IN 2012 for the first time Beeldenstroom is concentrating on sculptures made purely from natural materials and in particular from trees. The Verbeke Foundation therefore decided to curate the project and selected Will Beckers as one of the artists who would create their sculptures over a total area of 8 km and in 15 different locations along the Art route.

Will Beckers is creating his monumental bio-sculpture using old willow trees indigenous to the area. The artwork is called “Salicetum”. The  land on which the work  stands was kindly provided by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB), from the Flemish government.

The willow trees have been rescued from a flood zone and have been replanted for this enormous Land Art installation which will be built up during several phases.

Beckers is weaving willow branches in a unique way to connect the old willows together thus creating  a natural land art project which will grow over the years into a living green sustainable sculpture. Art and nature in complete symbiosis.

The artist’s permanent Land Art project will have a dramatic metamorphose effect on the landscape of the nature reserve, while maintaining a deep respect for the environment.

The initial phase of the project was opened on 1st July 2012.


will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 01
will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 02
will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 03
will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 04
will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 05
will beckers beeldenstroom salicetum 06

Photos courtesy Sculpturales

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